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Wow, Just Wow!
I was in Milwaukee on business and my hit a light pole barrier in a parking lot with our 2014 Camaro SS convertible. Our insurance company suggested Studer Body and Paint to evaluate the damage. Bob and I determined that we should not drive it back to KY with leaking fluids and serious fender damage. Through my insurance I got a rental for the time. The repairs took a week to complete and I was kept informed of the progress along with pictures at each milestone, tear down, repair, paint, and detailing. This took a load off of my mind. This car is my wife's baby and she was 3 states away. Bob Studer gets it! Your car means a lot to you and they understand how to take care of your concerns. They do it right.
I picked up the car today and it is amazing, I will not have any trouble showing it at this year's Camaro5 fest in Bowling Green KY this August. Thank you Studer Body and Paint.
- Bob & Chris Thode, Florence KY

What can you say about Bob Studer! Being in an accident is traumatic, at least it was for me. I went directly to Studer Body Shop. Bob got in touch with my insurance carrier, got me a loaner and called me when the job was done. My car is perfect, even the car mats were cleaned. It was great. Nothing like this service anywhere. I am grateful.
- Marsha

I was in an accident on the freeway in Milwaukee and my car was pretty heavily damaged. A friend recommended Bob Studer's business and I had the car towed there. I could not be more pleased with the work and the attention to detail. I received regular email updates complete with pictures showing the progress and Bob made sure the responsible insurance company covered having the repairs done the right way. I highly recommend Studer's Body & Paint.
- James

I was rear ended a couple of weeks ago and had significant damage to my car. I took my vehicle to Studer because of the convenience of the location to my work. From my first call to them, I received excellent customer service. Bob Studer himself walked me through the process and worked directly with my insurance adjuster and rental car company. My car ended up being totaled out but they made a crummy situation much easier to get through. I highly recommend taking your vehicle here.
- Nicole

When I was in my first car accident, I was distraught. Luckily I have nationwide insurance. when I called in my claim, I was given the option of where to take my car for repairs. After looking up reviews while i was on hold with the insurance company, I looked up Studer Body & Paint. Everyone had such glowing reviews. anyway, I said I would go with them. My insurance agent told me I'd get a call from the body shop in 24 hours. Sure enough, the next morning, I got a call from Bob Studer himself asking how he could help me out. He worked with my schedule and I took in my car. He detailed what the process would be. That was very helpful since I needed some assurance. He gave it to me. He also asked me if I had rental car insurance. When I told him i did not, he offered me one of the shop's cars for the time it took to fix my car. For free. I was overjoyed to be able to forego the cost and pain to get a rental. Anyway, two weeks after my accident (and under two weeks since I dropped my car off), Bob calls me and tells me my car is ready to be picked up. He went through and explained every service. He could not have been a better instructor, and happy for me to be getting my car back with so much information on it. I hope to never get into another car accident again, but if I do, I'm taking my car to Studer Body & Paint. Thank you Bob and your team. You made an unpleasant experience into something so valuable and upbeat!
- Mario R. Martin

Excellent experience. I received their info off of Angie's List and they emailed me back immediately. I went in that day for a quote. The final price ended up being exactly what the quote was with no surprises and they called me to give me updates. They gave me a free rental car and I also asked to get a quote on fixing a scratch on the back of my car that happened years ago (nowhere near what I was bringing my car in to actually get fixed for) and he was honest with me and told me since it was plastic it would never rust and I didn't necessarily need to get it fixed, however I told him I just didn't like the look of the scratch so I would probably be in at a later date to get that fixed. Well I found out a couple days later when looking at my car that they had filled it in with paint for no charge!!!!!!! Will be going back in the future!
- Kathy Kreuziger

Several months ago I ran over a can of blue paint that was on the road. It was evening and I did not realize it until the next morning. I attempted to remove the paint but was unsuccessful. I could not think of what to do next until I had a bright idea; I called Studer Body and Paint. Bob Studer immediately said to bring the car in and that he would try to repair it for me. Both Bob and an employee worked on the car and in a short period of time it was back to normal at no cost to me. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Studer for many years and have always received excellent service. Bob is an honest and honorable individual who provides quality professional service and workmanship. Thank you, Studer Body and Paint.
- Rebecca Pettit

Just picked up my 2012 Honda Civic - cement fell in a parking structure downtown and my car doors were damaged. WOW is all i can say. My car is absolutely beautiful - just like when i first got it. Bob made me feel positive right from the minute I walked in the door. He was the man for the job and he did above and beyond great work. I got quotes from other certified Honda shops but no one can beat Studer's service and price. Thank you Bob for the fantastic job - I could not be happier with the work that was done.
- Lisa Beyer

After asking several people where to get my girlfriend's car fixed (which I scratched hitting the garage) the most recommended was Studer Body and Paint. He looked at the car right away and fixed it immediately. He could have easily asked me to leave the car. I wouldn't have been surprised if I was charged $500. Instead he was honest and it cost me next to nothing. The best part he did such a great job. My girlfriend didn't even know what happened!! Highly recommended.
- Bob Murray

Great service and very friendly atmosphere. The owner was very informative and honest about my repairs. They gave me an accurate estimate of how long they would take to repair the car and actually even finished it before then. Great experience and if I need car repair work done again i would take it there again.
- Balbino Lopez

Never had a better or more professional experience related to an automobile than I had with Bob at Studer Body & Paint. Bob is very friendly and knowledgable, willing to answer any questions you have, and is the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with, have a beer and watch a Packer game. The repair to my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland was complete in two days and you'd never guess any harm had befallen it. In fact, when I picked up my Jeep it was cleaner than when I brought it in for repair - both inside and out. Bob had a rental car of similar style available for me, took care of all paperwork related to it and handled all insurance measures. It was so convenient and easy I could have sent our eleven year old in to handle it all could he reach the pedals. Hats off to Bob, and his crew, I can only hope to encounter more businesses like Bob's in the future and wish others the good fortune to work with Bob should their vehicle require any body work. I wish his shop provided more services than body and paint, for I'd take my vehicle to him for all it's needs if I could.
- I. Panacea

Quick, honest, fairly priced, and gave me an amazing referral to a mechanic when I was having engine trouble! My car looked better than it did before I got into an accident! I have had the car for over a year now, and their work stands the test of time. I would highly recommend this body shop! Overall - Excellent!
Andrea Joan

I've been using Studer for over 15 years. In that time I have been unlucky to have had the need for body work but lucky to have been introduced to Studer. In that time I have used Bob and his tremendous team on over 10 occasions. Ranging from foreign cars to Pickup trucks to Porsche 911 Turbos, every time the vehicle comes back better than it was before. Their attention to detail is second to none. Further, the customer service they provide during a difficult time is unsurpassed. They helped tow cars from 300 miles away and picked up damaged cars at 2:00 am! Honest, consistent communication and great work is why I tell everyone; If you are unfortunate to need body work, or just refurbish a classic, Studer Body and Paint is the best place to do it in the Midwest.
Sincerely, Brad Trapp

Had a very good experience at Studer Body and Paint for my Honda Civic Hybrid. They are now certified by Honda to do body repairs, though I did not know that when I took it in. They were able to take my car and handle theauto insurance negotiation on my (and their) behalf to ensure that the work was done correctly. I had had a previous so-so experience going to the insurance company's chosen shop so that greatly reduced the headache for me. I was told that they blended the paint in between old and new parts even though it was not explicitly covered by the insurance - the parts certainly look the same vintage. If you've ever done body work on an old car, you'll recognize the "little too bright" new part phenomenon and there's none of that on my relatively young 2007 Civic. Overall - very happy and would return.
Tom - May 2012

Studer Body & Paint is just about the cleanest body shop I have ever seen! The customer service was fantastic. My car was ready to be picked up the following day after I dropped it off. They even washed and cleaned the interior of my vehicle. I will definitely use them again and I will recommend Studer Body & Paint to all of my friends! Thank you Studer Body & Paint!
Lainie deJong - May 2012

Took my mom's 2010 CRV to Studer Body and Paint for a rear ended. I was amazed that Studer was certified by Honda and by State Farm. So I made the wise choice to pick them for the repair. The other part that amaze me was the time it took them to fix the car. They had told me that it was going to take 4-5 days and it only took 3 days. When I got the car it look brand new. All I can said is that they are going to be my future auto body shop. Studer has an excellent staff to work with. Thanks Bob for the excellent work!!!
Cheng - May 10, 2012

I went to Studers Body and Paint after I rear ended an SUV in my Acura RSX. I Immediately heard that Studer body and Paint was the best Honda/Acura and repair shop. For the amount of damage that was done It was a very fast turn around and looked good as new! They also had washed the entire car and it had never looked better! Thanks to Bob It now looks like my Acura was never in an accident! I would deffnately go here to get your Honda/Acura repaired along with any other vehicle. Great Work Guys!
Brendan K. - May 1, 2012

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Like many others I selected Studer Body because of the great reviews I saw posted by others and I can see now why such rave reviews have been left. I returned from vacation to find that my car had been towed after all four wheels were stolen. What was a very stressful situation became a lot easier once Studer Body got involved. They picked up my car from the tow lot for me, always kept me updated on the repairs, and when I picked up my car it looked better than it did when I bought it (my floor mats where even cleaned)! Bob walked me through everything they did to fix the cars there was a lot of resultant damage from the theft, so I know they did a thorough and great job. This is a body shop you can actually trust and you will feel like you are being taken care of by a family member. Thanks to Bob and his team!
Dana L. - April 15, 2012

I had an auto accident and Studer Body and Paint came highly recommended and I must say they did not disappoint. My car looks incredible and they were true proffessionals from start to finish. I would recommend their work to anyone.
Shaheed - April 15, 2012

Great customer service! I was hit in driver's side rear on a Tuesday morning last month. I was a little frazzled and when I called Studer (my insurance had recommended) since my car was going to be towed and I knew nothing about their service record. Bob was calm & friendly, had everything organized when my son & I arrived in the tow truck - had also been in contact with my insurance. I had already taken care of a rental, so we waited there. He was kind and thorough when explaining how everything was going to proceed. When my car was ready they noticed a check engine light on - so he let me know & took it to the Nissan dealer to make sure everything was ok. They also noticed my battery was running low, so he offered to get a battery from Nissan and install. Sooooo nice. My Pathfinder looks GREAT!!!!! When you leave they make sure you know to call them is anything is amiss & they will look at it right away. I HIGHLY recommend. Thanks to Bob & all the guys who took care of my car!
Andrea - Mar 15, 2012

Quick, honest, fairly priced, and gave me an amazing referral to a mechanic when I was having engine trouble! My car looked better than it did before I got into an accident! I have had the car for over a year now, and their work stands the test of time. I would highly recommend this body shop!
A - Feb 17, 2012

5 Star Service! Felt like a VIP customer. I chose Studer Body and Paint based off of the all the good reviews I saw, and I'm so happy I did. Now that I've experienced Studer I will never go back to getting repairs at big dealerships where you have to call for updates and they don't even know your name. Studer made my repair process so easy - I was kept in the loop on everything and the work was done on time. My truck has never looked better. Customer service at its finest. I highly recommend this body shop.
CJ - Mar 13, 2012

Studer Body and Paint is the #1 body shop in Milwaukee! The customer service is excellent, and the work is impeccable. The shop is very clean and the staff is trustworthy. I would highly recommend this shop!
Jen - Jan 31, 2012

The best car repair experience I ever had. Highly reccomended! A few weeks ago I hit from behind while stopped at a red light, and came away with a huge crack on the rear bumper of my 2011 Scion tC. After taking care of business with the insurance companies, I asked myself the question you might be asking yourself right now: am I going to find someone who will just throw any old parts back on my car and not care about painting it properly? Luckily, I found Bob Studer. The man is highly personable, professional, and really cares for his work. He worked through the insurance companies and was willing to arrange for transportation to and from his shop to Enterprise, Hertz, etc. At the end of the day, I knew I was taken care of. The work was finished in a timely manner and when I got my car back, it looked practically brand new! The paint on the new bumper (and the bumper itself) matched perfectly and the work was thorough. I can't recommend Studer Body and Paint enough, particularly if you're working through an insurance company.
Nate - Feb 3, 2012

I highly recommend for their excellent workmanship, the perfect color match and attention to detail. I took my 2010 Nissan Frontier to Studer Auto Body after I hit a deer at 60 mph's. The damage was extensive to the front & left side of my vehicle. They worked with My Insurance Company and were very courteous and professional. The workmanship was excellent, all the gaps and the fit for the replacement fender and bumper and were perfect. The color match was a perfect match, the attention to detail was very evident in the alignment of the replacement body parts, and I was extremely impressed in the color match the installation and alignment of the replacement body panels. Even to a discerning customer like me it looked impeccable. The entire vehicle was cleaned and detailed. Very friendly, professional and clean body shop. I feel this body shop is very honest and trust worthy. I would rate Studer Auto Body the Number #1 body shop in the Milwaukee area for collision repair.
Jon - Nov 29, 2011
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I was recently referred to Studer Body & Paint and took my Jeep in for my cracked bumper. I received a quick estimate and up-to-date communication from Bob Studer. The repairs were completed ahead of schedule and not only did my bumper look fantastic, they even took the time to clean my car inside and out. It was like picking up a brand new car! I definitely recommend Studer Body & Paint!
Heidi - Nov 7, 2011

Outstanding Service
I couldn't be more pleased with the service and workmanship that I received from Bob and Studer Body and Paint. Bob was extremely friendly, attentive, and took the extra time to explain all pertinent details to me and to listen to my concerns about flaws on my vehicle that were not related to the accident damage. He even replaced a broken tail light with no extra labor charge.
Studer is a one-stop shop that will handle all of the details, including arranging for a rental car and dealing with the insurance company. My vehicle was finished exactly when promised and I couldn't believe how easy Bob made the entire experience.
Studer Body and Paint is pre-certified by my insurance company, along with several others. They had to earn that certification and are under constant scrutiny to keep it. It's extra assurance that your work is going to be done right. I would most definitely take my vehicle there again and will recommend it to others!
August 19, 2011 by Patti Brockel in Milwaukee, WI

Studer Body and Paint
I had my car in to this body shop. The work was outstanding and timely. They were very professional. I am more than satisfied with the repair work done and would recommend this body shop to anyone!
September 30, 2010 by Julie Blistan

The following 2 reviews were on Cartalk.com:
I chose Studer based on the reviews I read on this site, and I was not disappointed. Bob Studer was friendly and honest and my truck looked better than new when the work was done. My normally dirty truck was cleaned inside and out and spotless. I wasn't able to get my truck in on the day we agreed, and he went out of his way to still have it done on time, even coming in on a Saturday morning to finish. I would highly recommend Studer Body and Paint.
--reviewer #156107, 2011

I recently took my minivan in for a minor repair. While the damage seemed small, I wasn't treated like my car was minor. Bob went out of his way to make sure to explain what they would do to repair the damage. I went to other Milwaukee area shops and was simply handed an estimate and told to let them know when I would be dropping the car off. I decided to go with Studer Body & Paint and I have no regrets. The repair looks amazing, like it never happened. The job was done on time and the communication from Bob was great. He even made stayed late on Saturday to accommodate my schedule so I could pick the van up. I would definitely recommend Studer Body & Paint for any auto repair. Bob made this stressful situation as easy as possible and it is much appreciated! --reviewer #160458, 2011
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I went to Studer Body and Paint recently because I got into an accident for the first time and let me tell you that they know their stuff. Not only did Bob Studer keep me up to date with how things were going he explained everything to me with detail and helped walk me through everything. They got the parts quickly and I felt completely at ease leaving my car in their hands. I got my car back quickly and done very professionally which was great but Bob made sure to let me know that its not how quick they can get it back to the owner, its more on the quality of the job done. But either way it looked great and I got it in a good amount of time. The best part is they worked directly with my insurance company so I didn't have to wait on anyone for that part to get cleared up. Drive safe everyone but should you need repairs I would highly recommend Studer Body & Paint, I left with a big smile on my face.
Jasmine - Oct 1, 2011

Studer does a fantastic job blending paint to match the factory finish. I've had two areas of my silver BMW repainted after some bodywork. Even in full sunlight it is impossible to determine which areas have been repainted. Fantastic paint work as always!
Thanks for another great job Bob.
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 by Mark

Bob, You are fantastic!!! My car is like new. It looks better than before I hit that deer! You are sooo courteous and accommodating. I REALLY appreciated the help with the rental car. My car was done in a timely fashion and with TLC. I will surely recommend you to my family and friends. Your customer service is outstanding and your body work is perfection! Thank-you again for the great experience, that could have been awful.
Monday, June 6, 2011 by Nancy Smith

I want to tell you about my recent experience with your repair facility.
I have had cars repaired by you before and have never been disappointed with any of them including this latest one. From the time that Bob wrote the estimate and started the repair I felt comfortable and confident that everything would go well. In fact, it went even better than I thought. After 25 years in business you still care about every customer and every repair.
I dropped my car off at lunch and there was a car waiting for me to drive back to work. The drop off process took less than 5 minutes. I really appreciated that.
Once the adjuster came out to approve the repairs Bob called me immediately. He gave a time line and informed me of what and how the repairs would be made. Communication is a vital part to most business transactions and I feel Bob agrees with that.
My car is very important to me, it's not just car. I chose it because of the way it looks and functions.
When my car was finished, Bob called me said that I could come pick it up. I was a little shocked because it was done two days early. When I came into the body shop I saw my car in the drive through. It looked amazing! It was like the day I picked up my car when it was brand new. The paint was flawless, and the repair was undetectable. It was better than I could have hoped for. Once again your staff and the repair amazed me. When I drove away, the car looked and behaved like new. You can better believe that I will continue to not only have my cars repaired by you, but I will continue to recommend you to my Family, and friends.
Thank you for your professionalism, and your commitment quality.
Thursday, May 19, 2011 by Chuck Stadtler

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Best Service and Quality Work Ever
Mr. Studer performed quality work on two of my vehicles. While living in Milwaukee he repaired my vechicle returning it better than new. When I needed repairs and a paint job again I drove over 400 miles from Cincinnati to Milwaukee for my repairs to ensure that I would receive qualty work and not be taken advantage of because I am a WOMAN. I highly reccommend Studer Body and Paint to anyone and I can assure you not only wil you receive quality work but will be treated with the utmost respect.
September 30, 2010 by JJ

Studer Body & Paint Inc - Top quality work
I have had my cars fixed by Studer because his quality of work is unsurpassed. After the repairs, people have asked where my work was done because it was "better than the factory" . Since then my family and friends have taken their cars to Studer because they know they will end up with a top quality repair!! To date, 15 years have passed without a single complaint from any friends or family and the repairs hold up to the harsh Wisconsin weather!
September 29, by Andrew in Milwaukee, WI

I highly recommend Studer Body and Paint for all body work. They are honest, easy to work with (in the case of an insurance claim) and stand by their work.

CarTalk.comCarTalk.com reviewer #42809, 2002

Studer's was recommened to me by my insurance agent. A bunch of wires that affected my ABS somehow got broken. This shop repaired it for one third the price I was quoted at a dealers repair center. AND it only took one day (plus they gave me a loaner). I'd go back.

CarTalk.com reviewer #69402, 2005

I was the victim of a professional break in gang, and had the lock cylinders and associated parts replaced at a good price, and they took care with my security as I was driving a truck full of tools. I recommend Studer's highly.

CarTalk.com reviewer #83674, 2006

I was rear ended into another car this summer. Studer was recommended by State Farm as one of their affiliated repair shops. Bob, the shop manager, was very friendly and helpful when my car was towed to their shop. When I picked up my car a few weeks later, I was amazed. My car looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line. Bob walked me through everything they did to my car and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend this repair shop. Hopefully I won't need their services very frequently, but they are extremely good at what they do.

CarTalk.com reviewer #141114, 2009

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